Name of the organization Forecasted Cost Fund Inflow Name of the Project
World Vision Lanka LKR 776,988,189.00 LKR 4,747,474,932.00 DFAT RISE Lanka Project, Community Engagement & Sponsorship Plan, Child protection & Participation Technical Programme, Livelihood & Economic Development Technical Programme, Re-Enforce Social Cohesion (ReSoCo), Strengthening Household Resileince Against Food Insecurity, Global Hunger Response (GHR) WVUS Sponsorship Additional Funding, Intergrated Health & Nutrition Project, Water Sanitation, Hygiene & Healthy Enviornment, UpLift Project,
Save the Children International LKR 6,896,885,112.00 LKR 2,235,007,935.00 Promoting Autonomy through Literacy and Attentiveness through Market Alliances (PALAMA)
The Halo Trust LKR 2,550,871,699.00 LKR 1,780,113,303.70 Humanitarian Mine Clearence
The Asia Foundation LKR 701,912,092.00 LKR 780,635,917.00 Books for Asia Program, Civil Society Strengthning Program, Gender Program, Social Cohesion and Community Dialogue, Justice Program, Mental Health & Pschosocial Support Program
Amnesty International South Asia LKR 226,375,572.76 LKR 479,649,471.25 Ongoing Facilities, Shrinking Civic Space And Human Right In Sri Lanka
ACTED LKR 264,297,741.00 LKR 434,545,300.00 Strengthening cooperation between civil society and government officials for effective interreligious collaboration in Sri Lanka, Community Livelihood and Biodiversity Recovery, Consultation on community preferences and priorities in terms of humanitarian assistance, PLASTICS: Promoting Long-term Approaches for a Sustainable, Transformative and Inclusive Circular Economy in Sri Lanka, Immediate lifesaving and protection support to most vulnerable affected by the Sri Lankan economic crisis, Strengtheni ng Activism for Environmen tal Rights (SAFER)
Room to read Sri Lanka LKR 259,563,755.69 LKR 383,390,983.00 Girls Education Program, Reading Development Program, Quality Reading Materials, GEP - Financial Literacy Program
We Effect LKR 79,405,970.00 LKR 269,961,885.61 Sustainable Livelihood development of mariginalized women through women's self help groups, Empowered and Organized women and men, improved their living conditions, through strengthening civil societies and reduction of SGBV, alcohol/ drug consumption, Promoting sustainable livelihoods of small holders in selected rural and estate areas, Empowering Cooperatives, CSOs and CBOs in Sustainable and Inclusive Socio-Economic Development for Marginalized Women, Men and Girls and Boys in Different Ethnic Communities, Supporting the most vulnerable communities to attain their Socio-Economic Development by themselves, Empowerment of rural and plantation community with sustainable in cooperative approach, Empowering Rural Smallhoder Women and Men Food Producers through Agroecology Based Cooperative Development and Building Climate Resilience
National Peace Council of Sri Lanka LKR 241,071,773.98 LKR 260,808,156.33 Actions for Religious Coexsistence (ARC), Plural Action for Confict Transformation (PACT), Protecting Civic space in Sri Lanka, Freedom House - Sustaining peace through pluralism and inclusive service delivery, Improving the capacity of the Office of Missing Person’s “OMP” staff in the North, East, and South of Sri Lanka through training workshops (Capacitating Transformation -CapT), Women Organized for Inclusion through Community Engagement- WOICE, Sustaining peace through pluralism and inclusive service delivery
HELVETAS Swiss Intercoperation LKR 234,449,639.40 LKR 186,391,292.75 EMPOWER - Supporitng Youth Led Initiatives on Prevention of Violent Extremism, Crossing Boundaries Youth, Sahruda Humanitarian Response Programme 22/23, Economic Recovery and Reintegration of Covid 19 affected Returned Female Migrant Workers through Skills Development and Livelihood Support, Crossing Boundaries Youth,
Child Action Lanka LKR 150,658,485.00 LKR 167,675,753.51 Education Project, Health and Nutrition Project, Child Protection Project, Safe Home, Shelter & Special Need
Child Fund Sri Lanka LKR 174,666,537.00 LKR 162,769,800.00 Comphrehensive School Safety Programme, Enhance the emergency response capacity of country office, Psychosocial wellbeing in emergencies, Youth for Nature campaign, Digital based Education & skill development program for children, School Based Violence Prevention Program, Field staff training on PACT project modal pilot implementation, VT skill development of Youth with Disabilities, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Prepare and implement action plans of VT Centers, Build capacity of VT centers, Strengthen DPOs to access services for persons with disabilities
Gammadda LKR 145,500,000.00 LKR 120,883,454.00 RO Plant and any other works